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Teen Expedition

Apr 20 2014

Primary Camp

Apr 23 2014

Junior Camp

Apr 25 2014

Teen Camp

Apr 29 2014

Year of Evangelism


POEM: Were You There?

He lay prone upon the ground with blood drops on His brow.And the darkness of the night pressed down upon Him now.His disciples in the garden slept soundly without care.But the question would be as...  More

More Newz from the FAAR North


Rueben and I completed delivering the Bibles and the Shelter in the Storm- in Te Hapua, Waitiki Landing and up to Paua .We swapped old Bibles in Waitiki Landing Lodge, for 16 new ones,...  More


Wanted Two Volunteers for Health Ministry

Wanted: Two volunteers (1 Wellington &  More

Tax receipts

Tax receipts for tithe and offerings d  More

Position vacant: Assistant Accountant

New Zealand Pacific Union Conference,   More

Celebrating Life in Recovery – Coming to Auckland Soon!!

Cheri Peters had plenty to recover fro  More